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Our Mission

Our goal is to promote all voices within the writing community. We are eager to support unpublished and up-and-coming authors as well as established names and will judge work solely on its merits, not taking into consideration previous accomplishments or publications. We also believe in supporting causes that are important to us and to our communities. And we plan to do this through both literary and financial means. As such, each of our issues will be centered around a cause or topic that we and our readership feel strongly about, and, for this reason, we request that your submission is inspired by that topic. This way, we can also donate a portion of the proceeds from submission fees to the cause of the issue, and the rest can be used for costs associated with running a literary magazine. We recognize that you may be unable to pay this fee, and since we don’t want to impose barriers based on financial status, if you are unable to pay, please contact us, and we will consider your piece equally among the rest. 

Our Recent Issues

Issue IV: Labyrinth

Released June 3, 2023

The pieces featured in this issue, much like a labyrinth, take unexpected twists and turns and tell rich stories with complex characters. Although everyone has different experiences, they all share a sense of nonlinearity that we can all relate to. We are proud to announce that we were able to donate over 70% of this issue's proceeds to Pratham, an NGO that promotes education equality in India.

Issue III: Kaleidoscope

Released August 27, 2022

Issue III was inspired by the humble kaleidoscope. With this issue, we sought to find writing and art that challenged the traditional perspective on typical or relatable experiences—much like a kaleidoscope. We are proud to announce that we were able to donate 70% of this issue's proceeds to Lighthouse Writer's Workshop, a charity that aims to promote literary and artistic endeavors for adults and children whom may otherwise not have that privilege.

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