Thank you for considering our magazine for your work! Submissions are Open for Issue IV!

We accept writing and art of any kind! We want writing and art that challenges forms and bounds. Writing that makes us think, cry, smile, and laugh. Writing that makes us reconsider how we think or feel about something. If you aren't able to categorize your writing or artwork into one that we've provided, still go ahead and submit it; writing submissions may be fiction or nonfiction within any form. These are some general guidelines for submissions that we'd like you to follow.

For All Submissions:

In order to have a cohesive issue, we'd like all submissions to center around the same theme (the theme will change with each issue). For Issue IV, our theme is Labyrinth. We’re looking for writing and art that subverts expectations, taking us through twists and turns. We want complex characters that, like real people, demonstrate intricacy in decision-making—often taking non-linear paths.

For your submission document, do not include any identifying information including your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. Additionally, please make the name of your document "Title of your piece/submission" instead of "Intangible Poetry Submission" or "Lauren Fountain Submission." It's much easier to organize for us if you do this.

For Poetry Submissions:

  • Submit 1-5 of your best poems (one poem per page)

  • 12 pt. Georgia, Times New Roman, or Garamond font

  • DOCX, DOC, or PDF file is preferred

For Creative Nonfiction and Short Story Submissions:

  • Up to 5000 words

  • 12 pt. Georgia, Times New Roman, or Garamond font

  • DOCX, DOC, or PDF file is preferred

For Artwork Submissions:

  • Submit up to 3 pieces of art of any style

  • If you'd like, you may attach a statement of intent along with your piece (optional)

  • DOCX, DOC, PDF, JPEG, or JPG file is preferred

Submission Process:

  1. Once your work is ready to submit, and you have checked that it's congruent with the guidelines above, fill out this form. The form is also embedded below.

  2. For the payment, the submission fee is $3.75, and the majority of the proceeds will be donated to the charity for Issue IV, which is to be announced. (the remainder will be used for the costs associated with running a literary magazine). Please use this PayPal link to send $3.75 USD, and in the form, attach a screenshot of the payment confirmation. If you are unable to pay, you may attach a statement explaining this in that section. Note: We have recently increased our submission fee from $3.00, as PayPal pools no longer exist, and with the current payment structure from PayPal we incur a significant fee for each submission fee transaction; therefore, in order to continue making meaningful donations, we've increased the submission fee slightly. If you would still like to make a contribution, but are unable to under the new price, you may pay whatever you are able when submitting and attach a statement explaining that in your submission.

  3. For the cover letter, tell us a little bit about the piece you're submitting. You can tell us any details you deem relevant: from the word count to why you created your piece to why you want to be published in our magazine. Any of this information is valued, so take the opportunity to tell us anything you want us to know about your piece. This section is optional.

  4. For the third-person biographical statement, we request that you focus on why you write and who you are as a person, rather than on your writing accomplishments. Since we read submissions blind, equally considering both unpublished and published writers, we'd prefer that your submission doesn't include this information. If you'd like a sample biography, you can look at the biographies for our editors on the "About Us" tab; however, do not feel restricted by them. You can get as creative as you want with this!

  5. We do accept simultaneous submissions; however, please let us know promptly if it's accepted elsewhere. Also, while we prefer unpublished work, we will consider previously published work.

If you have any questions about the submission process or general inquiries, send an email to with "Inquiry" somewhere in the subject line.

Additionally, we will attempt to respond in a timely fashion with an editorial response; we won't simply say "accepted" or "rejected." We want to tell you what we liked about your work: how it made us feel and what it made us think about.

A message about rights: if we accept your piece for publication, we ask for first or reprint (if your work has been previously published), electronic, and archival rights, as we would like to keep your work on our website after we release our issue initially. If you would like, you may submit your work that is published in our magazine to a different publication, but, in the event that it's published, please reference us as the first publication of your piece.

We are so excited to review your work!