Meet the Editors:

Lauren Fountain has live in numerous places around the world: namely, Georgia, Texas, Singapore, and Pennsylvania. Often, her writing is a product of the conflicting and complementing ideals, values, and cultures of the many experiences she has had. Sometimes, she writes to survive—to digest and understand the complex, indescribable, and intangible—in an effort to find some sort of truth. However, to her, writing is more than a coping mechanism; it's a means to connect with others and herself. In addition to writing, she also enjoys horseback riding, public speaking, and dancing.

Adi Raturi has lived in Mumbai, New York, and Singapore. He enjoys reading, writing, watching TV, going to the gym, and playing squash. He believes the meaning of life is twofold: to appreciate the beauty of this world and to contribute to it. He writes primarily because of the latter and also because he enjoys creating worlds and characters. The freedom and thrill he gets after knowing that he can quite literally create anything at any time and even things which don't exist with just a pen and paper is something that gives him strength to face his toughest days.